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July 10, 2013

History Comes in all Sizes

Another in a regular series of fascinating, intriguing, or thoughtful tales about people and places in Nado history — presented by your Coronado Historical Association written by Bruce Linder

The best of history always reminds – reminds us of how times change while at the same time occasionally reminding that times never (really) seem to change at all.

The Roman philosopher Cicero gave us a case in point with a quote written some 2100 years ago, but one that could have been scribbled today: “Times are bad.  Children no longer obey their parents, and everyone is writing a book.”

Check out this article from the front page (the FRONT PAGE no less) of the Coronado Journal dated Thursday, October 19, 1933:


Two Coronado boys – Jack Polatty, 14, and his brother Thomas, 9 – who ran away from home last Thursday night were found by the local police department just 23 hours later after they disappeared.  The boys live at 760 B Avenue.

Apparently determined to see the world and seek adventure the boys packed their luggage in an old suitcase and slipped away Thursday night while their mother was attending a show.

When found by the police they were hiding in a vacant house at Tenth and Olive streets.  When questioned by Chief Smith they declared they did not intend to return home but were waiting until they could raise money to leave town.”  (BL)

(BL’s note: perhaps referring to the 10 cent ferry fare …)

We are always indebted to the historic record of Coronado faithfully maintained through the years by the Coronado Eagle/Journal.