Fashion Expert Emma Jane of Coronado’s Style On The Go adds a little zest to your wardrobe!

Orange combines the power and energy of red with the happiness and vibrance of yellow.  It is associated with joy and sunshine and projects creativity, enthusiasm and strength. So why wouldn’t you want to lift your mood as well as your look? 

Of course the boldness of orange can put people off, but the key is to wear this attention-grabbing color in the right way for your style personality, as well as finding exactly the right shade for you.

So how do you wear this vivacious, vibrant color and which colors go with it?

Find Your Shade

Similar to red, there is a shade for everyone, it’s just about discovering the best hue for you! Consider variations of this color like CORAL, SALMON or RED-ORANGE. You could find it’s a soft BURNT ORANGE shade which compliments your skin tone, or perhaps a richer COPPER.

Wear Color Your Way

Wearing color does not mean you have to go head-to-toe in one bright, bold color, it could be an accent or pop here and there in your outfit. 

A great way of adding color is through accessories, so maybe a belt or pair of statement shoes or even a purse in a color you hadn’t thought of.

Combine Orange With….

GOLD for a truly luxurious look for evening, or elegant impact by day. Team with fresh white jeans at the height of summer.

ANIMAL PRINT – a striking combination that keeps your look up-to-date.

OTHER BRIGHT COLORS: BLUES like COBALT and TURQUOISE sit opposite to orange on the color wheel and compliment it beautifully.

Another great choice is DENIM, especially teamed with neutral accessories like this tan bag, wedges and tortoiseshell shades.

And if don’t feel daring enough to step out in orange by day, there’s always the option of slumbering in it at night!

Or bringing it to the beach…

The key is to really have fun with color and embrace it in a way you may not have before. You’ll be surprised by the boost a squeeze of orange can give you!

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