Visitors fall in love with many aspects of Island life – the year-round sunshine, the welcoming community spirit, the classic Americana… And then there are those who fall in love with a Coronado dog…

PAWS of Coronado Dog Adoption Team Member Beth Good explains, “Some visitors meet their new dog while he/she is wearing one of our Adopt Me capes, walking along the bayside path with a PAWS volunteer. Others stop by the Coronado Animal Care Facility while they are visiting the Ferry Landing area. There are also those who have come to Coronado to adopt their special canine companion after they learned about the dog from a friend or relative.” 

Here Beth shares pics and personality descriptions of six pups who were given a Furever Home by a big-hearted vacationer. Half remained California canines while others relocated to Utah, New York and Virginia!

Which one would have wooed you?


Meet Bambi: Bambi is a female Golden Retriever/Shepherd Mix puppy, 5 months old, 28 pounds. Fun, friendly and affectionate she is classed as an Orange: Vivacious, enthusiastic, bubbly, vibrant and cheerful! This dog loves meeting new people!

New home: Bambi now lives in Los Angeles County!


Meet Phoebe: Phoebe is a 10-year-young female English Cocker Spaniel Mix who weighs 20 pounds. This loving senior canine has been drinking from the fountain of youth and has plenty of energy and likes to play and run around the yard. Afterward it’s time for hugs and kisses while cuddling in your lap. She loves to be with her human pals.

New home: Phoebe now lives in Contra Costa County near San Francisco!


Meet Perry: Perry is a gentle and affectionate male Poodle Mix, 4 years old and weighs 12 pounds. This cotton-soft bundle of love and affection is a little shy but warms up to you as you speak to him in a calm and gentle voice.  Perry loves to explore everything around him, prancing through the yard enthusiastically while he checks out every nook and cranny!

New home: Poodle Perry now lives on the East Coast in New York!


Meet Isaac: Isaac is a male Miniature Poodle Mix, 8 years young and weighs just 9 pounds. Not only am I super smart, I’m also very respectful, obedient. I know so many commands: sit, stay, come, give a paw, down and who knows what else! I am a relaxed guy that will have a calming effect on everyone around me. I go with the flow and am also a very quiet sleeper, so I won’t wake you in the middle of the night!

New home: Isaac now lives in Utah!


Meet Bethany: Bethany is a four-year-old female Black Mouth Cur who weighs 88 pounds. She is a calm homebody who especially enjoys spending time outside in the yard, so you can count on her to be your yard work buddy.  When you’ve finished your chores she wants nothing more than to relax with you as you read or watch TV and have some cuddle time together.

New home: Bethany now lives in San Francisco.


Meet Cleo: The sweetest, flower-loving, female French Bulldog puppy, just 7 pounds. Frenchies are known to be playful, alert, adaptable and completely irresistible! They are currently ranked at the 4th Most Popular Dog Breed in the US after Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds (see Denver below) and Golden Retrievers.

New Home: Cleo now lives in Virginia!

Photography by Kim Johnson.

Adoptable Dogs in Coronado

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