Oscar Winner Emma Stone shares fond memories of her Summers in Coronado…

When writer-director Cameron Crowe sat down with Emma Stone to promote the movie Aloha the conversation turned to Coronado… Here we replay that interview, take a look at some of Emma’s Orange Avenue-ready outfits, and then recommend 11 Emma Stone movies for your viewing pleasure!

CROWE: I will start by asking you this: summer.

STONE: Summer . . .

CROWE: Summer is . . . Well, I always think of To Kill a Mockingbird, and a tire hanging from a tree, and a neighborhood where everyone knows everyone. . . That’s the mythical summer experience. I don’t know if it exists. But what is a definitive summer in your life?

STONE: We went to Coronado every summer, so I always think of driving over that bridge from San Diego, and then walking down that little strip on the main street, going cosmic bowling at midnight, eating at this 24-hour diner at 3 a.m.—that’s Summer to me.

CROWE: How did you end up in Coronado?

STONE: Because we lived in Arizona, and if we hadn’t gone to Coronado, then my summer would be defined by being in a cold, dark room watching movies. Arizona is the worst place to spend the summer—it’s like 125 degrees—so my mom, my brother, and I would go to the beach for two months to escape the heat.

CROWE: So you knew the playhouse in Coronado?

STONE: Yeah, the Lamb’s Players Theatre. I went and saw the kids in plays there every summer, but I would also take a weeklong class there. We’d just hang out on the beach and walk around and go to Hotel Del, and learn about the ghost of the Hotel Del. You go to Coronado, right?

CROWE: I do. I love the Hotel Del. It’s crazy.

STONE: It’s in Some Like it Hot.

Orange Avenue intermission…

CROWE: Do you feel like the experience that you have in a location stays in that location—that the location will always have the flavor of whatever it is that happened for you there?

STONE: I do. I was actually driving through L.A. by myself last night at midnight, and I drove by this bar that I’d had an experience at and I could feel that entire experience all over again. This town is full of ghosts for me now. And if I drive over that bridge to Coronado, then I become 12 years old again.

CROWE: So you go right back to who you were and the mindset you were in when you were originally there.

STONE: You revert. Do you do that?

CROWE: Yeah, totally. I go to those places in my life to feel those things.

STONE: I’m just beginning in my life to gain places that I want to go back to and experience that way again.

We hope Emma will return to Coronado soon…

Click to read the full conversation in Interview Magazine.

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