Vintage Coronado

All-American Charm

Escape the ordinary and treasure the extraordinary where picturesque atmosphere meets classic beach town charm. Shaped by the brave men and women who defend our freedoms, the patriotic spirit of our community lines the avenue with waving flags and grateful hearts.

Vacation Mode

Grab some ice-cream, hop on a beach cruiser and discover a carefree, sun-kissed you. Everything you need for a good time is within a few blocks, making experiencing Orange Ave. as sweet as that treat in your hand.

Spectacular from Store to Shore

Swing by the Coronado Chamber of Commerce at 1125 Tenth St to collect your free brochure listing all Orange Ave attractions, or download your copy here: Orange Ave Brochure! 


Babcock & Story Bar at the Hotel Del

ENO Artisan Pizzeria at the Hotel Del

Hotel del Coronado


Sundae’s at the Del

Beach Village at the Del

Beach & Taco Shack at the Hotel Del

Sun Deck at the Hotel Del Coronado

ENO Market at the Hotel Del Coronado

Things to Know

The History of Orange Ave

Orange Ave is the mile long stretch from Bayside Coronado to the Hotel Del Coronado on Ocean Boulevard. It got its name because the manicured, flower-filled median you see today was once lined with orange trees. Unfortunately the native Jack Rabbits found them too delicious so they had to be uprooted. However, you will see plenty of citrus trees in the residents’ gardens as you meander down our pretty sidestreets.

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