The Hotel Del Coronado was one of the star attractions in Some Like It Hot, a worldwide sensation as these vintage movie posters show!

Grab your passport and see just how many different ways Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon can be artfully arranged…

We begin our trip in Bella Italia where the title reads A Qualcuno Piace Caldo!

On to Spanish-speaking countries for Con Faldas Y A Lo Loco!

Now let’s add a little French flair with Certains L’Aiment Chaud!

Germany went for boldly stylized graphics for Manche Mogen’s Heiss

Turkey (Bazilari Sicak Sever) brought Marilyn firmly to the fore whereas Yugoslavia (Neki To Vruce) made the surprising choice of including Jack Lemmon in the line up of bathing beauties, with no Marilyn to be seen!

Moving on to Scandinavia, we see Finland’s Piukat Paikat and Sweden’s I Hetaste Laget

Denmark (Ingen Er Fuldkommen) and Greece (Mepikoi To Npotimoyn Kayto) switch us to a purple palette:

Hungary (Van Aki Forron Szereti) has one of the most unique designs with their collage effect but Poland’s lips being sealed (Pol Zartem, Pol serio) is perhaps the most perplexing!

Meanwhile in the Asian market, China favored a photographic approach:

We conclude your world tour with two of the most striking English-speaking designs:

Wherever you are watching, in whatever language, you are always welcome to visit the Hotel Del Coronado, where all guests feel like A-list movie stars!