Keep cool this summer with a sun-shielding cap and melt-in-your-mouth gelato!

Gelato Paradiso‘s AJ has whipped up the yummiest sorbet and gelato flavors for summer, from watermelon and guava to fresh coconut and special treat s’mores! Here we play mix & match with stylish caps from Coronado retailers – everything from sparkling bling and mock cork to mermaids and Top Guns!

Model: AJ, Manager of Gelato Paradiso

Hat: Captain cap from Coronado Hat Company

Flavor: Passionfruit & Blackberry

Model: Ana from Coronado Schools Foundation

Hat: Nado flip-flop cap from Coronado Hat Company

Flavor: Pineapple & Watermelon

Model: Steve, owner of Coronado Hat Company

Hat: Top Gun cap from Coronado Hat Company

Flavor: Lemon

Model: Carly of Coastal Dwelling Design Company

Hat: Pink bling cap from Coronado Hat Company

Flavor: Blackberry & Watermelon

Model: Peyton, Manager of Feast & Fareway

Hat: White cap from Coronado Golf Course

Flavor: Strawberry & Vanilla

Model: Dr Natalie of Advanced Dentistry Coronado

Hat: Coronado mermaid hat from Coronado Hardware

Flavor: Mango

Model: Nelson of Holland’s Bicycles

Hat: Cork look cap from Coronado Hardware

Flavor: Peanut Butter & Hazelnut

Model: Margeaux, owner of The Coronado Club

Hat: Trucker and Club caps from The Coronado Club

Flavor: S’mores

Model: Conner of Coronado

Hat: Tan embroidered patch hat from Coronado Mercantile

Flavor: Dulce de Leche & Vanilla

Model: Ashley of Coronado Schools Foundation

Hat: White bling 4th July cap from Pretty Please Boutique

Flavor: Raspberry

Model: Matt of US Navy

Hat: Emerald Spear Tequila

Flavor: Mint

Model: Kate, owner of Live Nado

Hat: Coronado – Great to be Home cap from

Flavor: Guava

Models: Whitney & Blaire of Live Nado

Hat: Blue Enjoy The View hat and Teal Retro Surf’s Edge with neon pink and neon yellow Life’s A Wave t-shirts

Flavor: Watermelon (left) and Mint (right)

Model: Jack of Gelato Paradiso

Hat: Denim cap with crown bling from Coronado Vintage

Flavor: Pistachio

Here are even more cool caps from Coronado Island boutiques…

Nicole & Julia wear Coronado Babe Trucker Hats at Blue Jeans & Bikinis

Rikka wears Coronado and Emerald City caps from Emerald City Surf Shop

Team members Owen and Alexa wear Retro Trucker caps at URT URT! Shop