Coronado Beach is famous for its glittering, gold-flecked sands, and the iconic shell that Tony Curtis holds up when pretending to be a wealthy oil heir in Some Like It Hot, but did you know that each of our island beaches offers great bounty for conchologists?

Every morning @coronadobeachcomber explores the shore, gathering images of stunning shell architecture and enchanting tide pool life. Here we look at some of the most miraculous finds, and receive tips on how to make discoveries of your own!

Of course we have to begin with the most Coronado of all shells – the wavy turban – resembling the iconic turret of the Hotel Del Coronado. @coronadobeachcomber found ones with the periostracum worn off, revealing the pretty pearly layer underneath…

Other gorgeous spirals include the tri color top shells:

On one walk, @coronadobeachcomber found this crab being attacked by gulls so used a flip-flop to carry it to safety, “Only it didn’t want to let go, it was gripping on for dear life!”

On another sandy stroll, this incredible pink crab with barnacles:

Speaking of beautiful colors, how about this purple sea urchin & pale lilac armored sea star?

And this peachy-creamy cup coral!

Not to mention this extraordinary green anemone!

VC: What tips can you offer newbies to beachcombing?

@coronadobeachcomber: I get asked this all the time, especially from people that say ‘I was at your beach and I didn’t see a thing!’ The most important thing really is low tide. We don’t have shells just in the sand here, and the closest thing we have to a tide pool are the rocks behind the Del. With a negative low tide you can walk behind them and that can be the best opportunity to see things like sea stars.

Do you have a favourite spot?

I do like to explore all the beaches here on Coronado, I like the bay-side beaches as much as the ocean-side beaches, and the ones either side of Ferry Landing and around to Tidelands. I also enjoy the Strand beaches and even little Grand Caribe park in the Cays!

VC: I believe you also kayak in the bay?

Yes, that’s how I got some of the recent videos of moon jellies around the Cays and the flamingos in the South Bay.

VC: Is there a best time to beachcomb?

After a storm or anytime we have big waves kicking up the ocean floor.

Thank you so much for sharing your treasures with us.

There are hundreds more gems to discover over at @coronadobeachcomber on Instagram – shark egg cases, children’s toys, even a glass bottle of hair tonic from the 1930s!