Coronado has an abundance of sweets for your sweet on the Feast of Saint Valentine!

Clayton’s Bakery has glittering heart-shaped cookies, pastel-frosted love heart candy inspired designs with messages including KISS ME and BE MINE, strawberry and chocolate ganache macarons, strawberry champagne cupcakes (see pic of Cerise at the end of this post)!

Boney’s Bayside Market has a melt-in-your mouth heart-shaped cake with strawberry mousse on a sponge base. (left) The Dinky Donut Shack has red velvet donuts with with cream cheese glaze and pink sprinkles.

Little Frenchie have two gourmet Valentine treats: Une Boîte D’amour ($100) A Box of Love with Heart Shaped French Brie Cheese, House made Chocolate Truffles, Mignardises, French Macarons, Baguette, House Jam, Bottle of Louis Perdrier Brut Rosé! 

Canelé De Bordeaux A canelé is a small French pastry filled with a soft custard center and a dark, thick caramelized crust. The box will come with 3 canelés, each will be topped with individual flavors: Salted Caramel, Pistachio Cremeux, Dark Chocolate and Pomegranate.

Parakeet Cafe is always pretty in pink! You can order a heart foam latte and gluten-free cookies in an attractive box. (left) Clayton’s Coffee Shop have glazed donuts with heart-shaped sprinkles served in a pink box with an “All you need is love and a donut” sticker! (right)

With Tartine‘s Blood Orange Cheesecake, you can include a Valentine orchid with your sweet treat. (Heart decorated plate on request!)

Coronado Hardware have bags of individually-wrapped marshmallows in strawberry, vanilla and mixed berry flavors.

Fragrant pink Wild Rose Liqueur in a variety of glass bottles from Vom Fass at Ferry Landing. As seen in the February issue of Coronado Magazine!